SHE. IS. ETERNAL. Waistbeads


🚨 These Waistbeads are NOT for everyone.

Only wear these if you’re ready to tap into  Unapologetic and Fearless Beauty.

This energy is Graceful as a dove, yet as fearsome as a Lioness.

This strand commands the reverence and respect of all those within its ora.

SHE. IS. ETERNAL Waistbeads feature:

✨ 14k rose gold filled beads that represent prosperity and wealth.

🌑 Black Obsidian stones to signify protection for setting boundaries and personal security. (Positioned on each ovary)

💗 Pink Rose Quartz centerpiece asa bold but delicate expression of love that represents strength in vulnerability.

Tie these Waistbeads if you want to:

✨ Make a statement (without words)

✨ Set Boundaries. (with grace)

✨ Take a stand. (Invoke courage)

✨ Be unapologetically Sexy. (with class)

✨ Express or receive love. (from someone special)

✨ Set yourself apart from the rest.

✨ To tantalize a lover.

✨ become the center of attention.

SHE. IS. ETERNAL. Waistbeads are impossible to miss, even in subconscious they attract the interest, curiosity and respect of all within her ora.

Please be advised 👇🏽

SHE. IS. ETERNAL. is a highly sentimental and sacred Waistbead strand you will NOT find anywhere else. 

I saw this design in a vision. I saw infinite light and abundance, love and security. 

With that being said 👇🏽

This is NOT for everyone ✋🏽

I manifested this strand for the Queen who is ready to step into that light of abundance and experience love with established boundaries – even if you’ve spent every day of your life prior in darkness.

Are you ready to step into your divinity? ✨

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