Unlocking Self-Love with Waistbeads

Beautiful Black Woman wearing Love Amethyst Rose Waistbeads


The Story of Neglect...


You wake up to the buzzing of your morning alarm, from another night of subpar sleep, to prepare breakfast, get the kids ready for school and get dressed for work - all at the same time. As you navigate through the morning chaos your mind drifts away to thoughts about work, new deadlines, bills, debt, childcare etc... Anxiety sets in, sending a shock through your body and launching you into action. In a rush, you get dressed, dabbing on some makeup, get the kids fed and dressed, pack them into the car and drop them off at school; early - so you can make it to work on time.

As you commute to work, a thick fog of drowsiness starts weighing on you. But you’re used to it - in fact “I’m so tired” has become a mantra you repeat every day, at all times of the day.

You down a venti ice coffee with an extra shot of expresso as soon as you get into work for a quick energy boost.

At work you don’t culturally identify with anyone. Being your true self sometimes feels unsafe. You’ve worked hard to earn your position and your coworkers know it! Still, you feel it in your subconscious: they look at you differently. This gives you some anxiety, but you can manage.

On your lunch break, you receive phone calls from your mom, aunties, sisters, friends etc.. They look to you for advice about their husbands, boyfriends, car problems, kid problems, life problems etc… because they see you as successful. You listen patiently with empathy; because even though you don’t feel successful, you know you have to be strong for others you care about. Besides, you know your sister is a mess. What would she do without you?

As your lunch break comes to an end, you hurry your relative off the phone. “Gotta get back to work”, only to realize: You forgot to eat lunch. And this will be the second meal you’ve skipped today.

You snack around on granola bars until your work shift is complete.

Finally... it’s over! 

A sudden burst of energy flows through you as you exit work and begin walking to your car. In a moment of relief you open your phone and begin scrolling through Pinterest for self-care ideas; then suddenly...

The phone rings.

It’s your significant other, calling to interrupt your peace with useless questions like “what do you want to eat?”, to which you respond “I don’t know”.

Your S/O senses the annoyance in your voice, and engages you further: “what’s the matter?”

That’s when your mind starts racing:

”I don’t know”...“I don’t know anything at this point”.

You realize:

You haven’t thought about yourself today.

And it’s been that way every day for YEARS.

“I forgot what I like and who I am. I just accept whatever peace I can get.”

Even worse:

🥀 You feel alone.

🥀 You’re frequently depressed.

🥀 You Have LOW energy.

🥀 Weakened or non-existent friendships.

🥀 Low libido or unfulfilling Love Life.

🥀 ZERO time for personal care.

You feel neglected. You are neglected, by yourself and others who rely on you.

Every one experiences your goodness except you.

Worst of all: the day’s still not over. You still have a mountain of house chores waiting for you when you get back home!

If this continues you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown!

If you can relate in the least bit to this story it means you’re facing one of the biggest challenges for women today: Experiencing self love, in a world where all her love, energy and focus is owned by something or someone else.

If you cannot relate to this story; no doubt, you’ve felt the social pressures to be a “good woman” (good to others) at the expense of your own self care.

We all have!

And deep down you know the answer. It’s intuitive.

You know It’s time for a new beginning - a brand new you.

But how? Where do you even start?

Waistbeads - Tying the knot

This Ancient African ritual attaches a woman back to her deepest intentions and exalts her femininity. Most of all, it symbolizes the beginning of a new self-love journey.

Tying the knot is an intentional act of Self Love. It’s a personal and powerful expression to put in the Universe. Especially when you know things in your life need to change!

Tying the knot is your initiation into the life that you intend; not somebody else’s idea about who you should be.

By Tying the knot, you become a member of a growing community of women dedicated to growth, creativity, self-love and healing.

What are the Origin of Waistbeads?

The wearing of Waistbeads is a West African tradition that dates back to the 1500, especially amongst the Yoruba people. They were worn to signify transition into a new life phase.

Some of the life phases include: entering puberty, giving birth or getting married.

Love Amethyst Rose Waistbeads are about starting a new self-love journey. Transitioning into a better you.

Love Amethyst Rose Waistbeads are worn to signify new beginnings, new journeys and breakthroughs in a your life, and cut off to signify the closing of a chapter.

When should I tie on new Waistbeads?

Tie on Love Amethyst Rose Waistbeads whenever you want to set new intentions for your life. It doesn’t matter if those intentions are for tonight or for the next ten years. Every Waistbead strand has a purpose that becomes a part of your life when you tie the knot.

Here’s few reasons why you may need to Tie the Knot:

  • Starting new commitments or relationships.
  • Seeking courage to face challenges.
  • Sparking romance and sensuality.
  • Celebrating growth or welcoming change.
  • Embracing your body.
  • Tracking Weight loss progress.
  • Going on an Adventure.
  • Connecting with nature.
  • Promoting positive energy.

Starting my self Love journey

Tying the knot is a powerful and highly intentional self love ritual that promotes body positivity and self acceptance.

Embracing yourself in this way (with love and gratitude) puts you in the position to manifest on a high level.

This is done in 3 steps.

🌹 Set Your Intentions.

  • Decide what feelings and experiences you want to manifest into your life. Then speak those intentions into the air.

🌹 Tie the knot.

  • Confirm your intentions forever by tying the knot to a comfortable position on your waist. (You may also write your intentions in a journal)

🌹 Self care routine.

  • Make a new commitment to yourself. Take yourself on a date. Explore new interests. Take on new challenges.

In doing so you can overcome self doubt and experience your highest potential.

Am I too fat?

You don’t need a “snatched-waist” to fit beautifully in Waistbeads. Most of our customers do not fit the stereotypical body image.

Love Amerhyst Rose Master Healer variation.

Our bodies are each a gift, but Waistbeads aren’t only a gift wrap though - they connect us with our inner truth.

Love Amethyst Rose Waistbeads fit up to 60inch waist (with options to request larger sizes)

Our Waistbeads accentuate the beauty in ALL body types, because you are unique!

Many women are shocked by how beautiful their natural waistline looks wrapped with Love Amethyst Rose Waistbeads.

Am I good enough?

When you tie the knot you’re embracing yourself as divine despite having weaknesses and flaws. You can look yourself in the mirror and say “I am perfect” without fear or needing the ideal circumstances. In that moment you’ll discover:

  • You’re allowed to make mistakes and no longer need to beat yourself up about them.

This is where the healing begins! Women of all body types and backgrounds can experience the healing power of self love. This comes by simply realizing:

  • Yes. I am perfect.
  • Yes. I am necessary.
  • Yes, I’ve made mistakes, but they made me wiser.

Every time you second guess yourself, experience regret or shame you block your healing. Tying the knot means giving yourself the benefit of the doubt. It means letting go of limiting beliefs so you can smile more often and finally experience growth in your life.

What is Divine Femininity?

The most powerful and free expression of femininity based on your own unique and unrestricted values. It’s the medium that allows you to unlock your fullest potential without limits.

Divine Femininity is not something to be sought and  attained. Instead, it lives dormant within every woman. Tying the knot represents the awakening of that divine energy within you for the purpose you choose.

Are Waistbeads against Christianity?

Waistbeads are a tool used to demonstrate and amplify Self Love, one of the core tenants of Christianity “Love your neighbor as you LOVE YOURSELF”.

Without self love It’s impossible to experience the benefits of Christianity or any other organized religion.

We’re all uniquely divine.

While organized religion can create belonging, and through belonging uniformity that lets us align with others; by Tying the knot you take it one step further: Alignment with self.

Christianity is about building a relationship with Christ, Tying the knot is about forming a relationship with your divine self.

Do women worship Waistbeads?

Queen wearing Love Amethyst Rose
Self Love Waistbeads

No. It’s the other way around. Waistbeads worship your body. Waistbeads glorify your femininity.

You glorify your creator by recognizing the magnificence of the creation.

Tying the knot represents a commitment to self Love. Self Love empowers us to manifest on a high level and bringing us even closer to our spirituality.

Are Waistbeads only for black women?

Tying the knot is an ancient tradition with roots in West Africa that has spread throughout the world through black women in the diaspora.

Every woman should experience self love and is welcome to wear Waistbeads, if they acknowledge and respect the African origin of our ritual and treat it as sacred.

Do I have to be practicing an African spirituality to wear waist beads?

No. Our community consists of women of all spiritual backgrounds who express their spirituality in unique and sacred ways.

What about the Ancestors?

Our ancestors are a part of our physical identity, and therefore share a type of unique existence with us. Whether through ritual, research or reflection we encourage others to explore that powerful connection. The awareness of this connection was violently stripped away from millions of African women and men through the transatlantic slave trade.

Becoming whole again means restoring a lost consciousness of self and embracing what we learn wholeheartedly. Tying the knot symbolizes the beginning of a new journey to connection with self. This connection is personal and unique to every woman and can be expressed in many forms.

What does “setting intentions” mean?

Setting intentions is the act of stating what you intend to accomplish through your actions.

An intention is principle for how you want to live. It’s the the way that you align your life. Intentions are more than you average goal, it’s how you bring your goal and mind into alignment.

Why do you use crystals in your products?

Prosperity X Alignment Waistbeads with chakra crystals.

Crystals are known to activate certain chakras, depending on your needs, you may prefer one over the next. For example my Speak Your Truth, Waistbead strand is turquoise, with amazonite crystals, said to open the throat chakra. Chakra alignment gives us the balance we need to grow and heal.

When you’re setting your intentions you want to stimulate the energy center most relevant to achieving them.

Which Waistbeads are best for me?

Look at the colors, read the description, meditate on it and choose wisely. Remember, Love Amethyst Rose Waistbeads are not to be removed until their purpose is complete. Make sure you choose the one that feels right with your spirit and most inline with your intentions.

If you have questions, send me a DM! I will respond!

Can you set special intentions for my Waistbeads?

Yes! Just include your intentions in the notes section of the checkout page and I will receive them.

How long does my order take?

Love Amethyst Rose products are made by hand to order, each with specific intentions. Processing time is anywhere from 5-10 business days.

How do I order?

Visit my shop to browse Love Amethyst Rose Waistbeads and other Self-Love items.