Step 1. Set Your Intentions

Reach out to us on Facebook messenger to get started. Watch the video below for an example of the process!

When you’re done setting your intentions you will receive a link to that will contain 8 affirmations personalized to manifest your intentions. Here is an example of affirmations Amethyst created for manifesting healing and improved personal health.

Step 2. Tie your intention beads

How to tie your intention beads.

If you’re tying your intention beads by yourself then follow this tutorial. If you’re having a friend tie your intention beads they should watch this tutorial to ensure your knots are tied correctly. (Although you can tie your intention beads by yourself, it is usually best to have a friend or loved one tie your knots for you so that you can focus on saying your affirmations. Strong focus and visualization is required for any manifestation, and sometimes for new knot-tyers, it can be difficult to do both at the same time.)

Example 1


Example 2 (with Affirmations)


Tying the knot with Amethyst (or a friend)

When tying the knot with a friend one person will tie the knot, while the one being tied (you) will read each affirmation created in step 1, where you set your intentions. It’s important that each affirmation is said at the same time when each knot is tied. There should be 8 knots in total.

Important Note: Your knot-tyer must watch the video above before attempting to tie your intention beads to ensure they understand how to tie your intention beads properly.

Warning: If your intention beads are not properly tied they will pop or fall off.

The following video demonstrates how to properly tie the knot with a loved one.

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